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My my! Rushing rushing! ピューッ!≡≡≡ヘ(*゚∇゚)ノ I gotta head out soon to EP. So lets hope I get a call today that is good DX

Uhm...just a quick note. The poster auction has been canceled due to lack of activity. Sorry. m(_ _"m)ペコリ

Back to work now (T^T*)
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There are 10 copies left over of the Bajka book.

Price: $5usd
postage $5usd
(Australians : $5aud + $3aud postage)

NOTE: Buying more than one item will not raise the price of postage.
(unless you buy like 10 books which will never happen lawl)

as well as prints. All prints are A5 in size (5.83 x 8.27 inches)and are greyscale
Act one cover art - 3 prints
Teachers pet - 3 prints
Bajka concept - 3 prints
Drowning of Caius - SOLD OUT
Bajka Poster - SOLD OUT
Breath Eater - SOLD OUT

Prints are $5 each. If a print is sold out it can be made upon request.

payment methods:
Paypal - no credit cards sorry // cant take them on free account. +$1 paypal fee (Greedy Paypal T^T )
Please send paypal orders to :

Money Order/Concealed Cash -- AUSTRALIA ONLY
Cash in hand - CARINDALE ONLY


Bajka Book hold list.
(Please inform me if you wish to buy the book//or cannot)

2 - SJen √ PAID
3 - Okashichan √ PAID
4 - Oresama KAGE
5 - Amakarie √ PAID
6 - Bibly √ PAID
7 - Dumplingyum
8 - Rock D ashX
9 - emoxic
10- cruzle √ PAID

Unclaimed Book hold list:
1 - obakeness
2 - fireanjel116

The giant A1 (23.39 x 33.1 inch) poster I made will also be avaliable for sale if anyone wants to drop by a bid.
I will either auction it off -- or exchange it for stuff.
(If anyone wants to throw me a Nintendo DS lite its yours haha)
The poster took days to finish painting is is quite I'm reluctant to let it go for under $100....i hope thats reasonable ^^;
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